Branford Clean Energy Task Force
The Branford Clean Energy Task Force was formed to assist the town in purchasing 20% of its energy from renewable sources by the year 2010. Its main activity is to enroll Branford residents in the CTCleanEnergyOptions Program to earn free solar panels for the Town of Branford. Click here to learn more.

Vernal Pool Report
Vernal pools are seasonal waterbodies that typically dry out for part of the year. They therefore provide a unique type of habitat that is used by amphibians and invertebrates that require standing water for short periods of time, usually weeks to a few months, including wood frogs, several species of salamanders, and fairy shrimp. Some of these species must use vernal pools for some part of their life cycles, and are therefore termed obligate vernal pool species. They cannot survive without vernal pools.

Because vernal pools dry out during part of the year, they have been particularly vulnerable to loss to development. Since we can't protect what we don't know about, the Conservation and Environment Commission, with support from Branford's Inland Wetlands Commission, engaged Dr. Noble S. Proctor, a Branford resident and world-renowned naturalist, to conduct a town-wide survey of vernal pools in 2002. Dr. Proctor found and characterized more than 50 vernal pools.

Click here to review the Vernal Pool Report (PDF)
  Click here for a map of Branford's vernal pools (PDF)

Pollution Locator
Visit this website for pollution profiles of New Haven County and Branford. Find out what local companies are releasing what pollutants, and learn how our community rates on air, water and land pollution. Click here.

20% by 2010
In 2005, the Conservation and Environment Commission voted unanimously to work with citizens of Branford, the Board of Selectmen and the RTM to enlist Branford in the 20% by 2010 Clean Energy Campaign. This statewide campaign is sponsored by the CT Clean Energy Fund and SmartPower, a partnership whose purpose is to encourage and assist communities in the purchase and support of clean energy.

Click here for up-to-date information about Branford's enrollments in the 20% by 2010 Clean Energy Campaign.

Frogwatch USA
Frogwatch USA is a frog and toad monitoring program managed by the National Wildlife Federation in partnership with the United States Geological Survey.

Click here to see and hear frogs that live in Connecticut.

An Underwater Tour of Long Island Sound

Click here to see an underwater tour of Long Island Sound hosted by the Long Island Sound Resource Center